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Watersheds of Snohomish County
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Puget Sound Watersheds
Detailed maps of local watersheds within Snohomish County can be viewed and downloaded by clicking on a watershed below. Some watersheds have been grouped into a single map for convenience. Maps are available as low-resolution JPEG images for online viewing, or as PDF files for zooming in, viewing, and printing to letter-sized (8.5" x 11") paper.

Select a file format: Low-resolution JPEG image   High-resolution PDF   The map below is available as a pdf file.

Martha, Rowlands, and Greenwood Creek Watersheds Lake Goodwin Watershed Mission Creek and Lake Agnes Watersheds Warm Beach and Tulalip Creek Watersheds Everett West Watershed Possession Sound Watersheds

Puget Sound Watersheds Information
Major rivers: Martha Creek, Mission Creek.