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Watersheds of Snohomish County
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Click on a major watershed to see local watersheds
This site provides maps of local watersheds for online viewing and printing to letter-size pages (8.5" x 11"). Click on a major watershed within Snohomish County to go to a map showing local watersheds. The map below is available as a pdf file.
To view a larger map showing the full extent of the watersheds depicted on this page, click here (4.2MB pdf).

Snohomish Watershed Skagit Watershed Lake Washington Watershed Stillaguamish Watershed Puget Sound Watersheds Puget Sound Watersheds Skagit WaterShed (West)

Snohomish County Watersheds
A Watershed is an area where streams and rivers drain into a common body of water. As such, watersheds transcend local, state and federal boundaries. Each watershed becomes a focal area for water quality, marine habitat, stormwater runoff, and other issues. The map above shows the major rivers that subsidiary streams flow into within Snohomish County.