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Superior Court Jury Reporting Instructions
Juror instructions for Monday, September 16, 2019:

Juror report instructions for Monday September 16, 2019, are as follows:

Jurors in groups 101 through112 please report to the Jury Assembly Room on the 1st floor of the courthouse building by 8:00 a.m. on Monday September 16, 2019, for check-in and orientation.

Jurors in groups113 through123 are not required for service on Monday however, you are asked to check the message again Monday after 5 p.m. for reporting instructions for Tuesday September 17, 2019.

Please allow sufficient time to locate appropriate parking. Parking in the parking garage is available on a first come first served basis, please anticipate congestion. Parking on the street, in restricted parking spaces or limited time parking may result in a ticket and the courthouse cannot reimburse jurors for that expense. Jurors are instructed to enter the parking garage at the Oakes Avenue entrance and park on levels C through G. Be sure to bring the ticket from the parking garage with you. Staff will validate your parking in the Jury Assembly Room. It is recommended that jurors bring their entire summons when reporting for jury service. If the parking attendant indicates the garage is full or if you have a vehicle that is over 6'10" in height you may park on the surface lot located at the corner of Wall and Oakes.The surface lot is accessed on Wall St. When parking on the surface lot, please leave the juror parking slip that was included in your summons on the dashboard of your vehicle. Do not pay for parking when using the juror parking slip. In the event the surface lot is also full, jurors should park in a paid lot, pay for parking and bring the reciept to the jury coordinator. Juror parking will be reimbursed with your juror pay. If you need further direction on where to park please contact the parking attendant. Jurors will not pay for parking when following these guidelines.

From the parking garage please ride the elevator to the Plaza Level and exit to your right. The courthouse is the farthest building to the West. There is currently only 1 entrance to the courthouse so please be patient. The courthouse will open at 7:30 a.m. Monday for jurors only. When entering the courthouse building you will be passing through security. This is similar to security at the airport so please leave all metal objects at home or in your vehicle in order to expedite entry. As you enter the Jury Assembly Room staff will give you a plastic badge holder as well as a packet of information that has been assembled for you. We will be validating your parking and scanning your juror badge so please have both items ready as you enter the courthouse.

We have Wi-Fi available; however, there are a limited number of outlets and tables. It is strongly recommended that you bring something to read. Jurors may bring beverage containers such as refillable water bottles. For your convenience a refrigerator and microwave oven are available for juror use. For more detailed information regarding jury service such as parking, directions, or what to bring, please return to our website.

Thank you and have a great weekend!

Daily updates to juror reporting instructions can be obtained online at or by calling 425.388.3410 or 1.800.828.4577. Additional information on Jury Service is available online at

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