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Superior Court Jury Reporting Instructions
Juror instructions for Monday, July 13, 2020:

Juror report instructions for Monday July 13, 2020:
Jurors in groups 101 through 134 please continue to view the full message for your report instructions. Jurors in groups 135 through 145 you are not required for service Monday however you are asked to check the juror report instructions Monday night after 5 pm for report instructions for Tuesday July 14, 2020.

To allow for appropriate social distancing, Superior Court will be holding juror orientation at Angel of the Winds Arena. Jurors in groups 101 through 134 please report to Angel of the Winds Arena by 8:30 a.m. Monday July 13, 2020 for juror orientation and courtroom assignment.

Parking for the arena is the same as for the courthouse. Detailed parking instructions are included in this message. Jurors will enter the arena at approximately Hewitt Ave and Lombard Ave. at the entrance marked Edward D. Hansen Conference Center. Staff will be present to assist jurors in finding the correct location. . All jurors are required to be wearing a mask as they arrive for jury service.

Please allow sufficient time to locate appropriate parking. Please avoid parking on the street near the courthouse as it is limited to 90 minutes. Free parking is provided if you utilize the County parking garage or surface lot. Jurors are instructed to enter the parking garage at either the Oakes Avenue entrance or Pacific Ave entrance, take a parking ticket from the machine as you drive in and park on levels C through G. You will provide the parking ticket as well as the juror parking permit included in your juror summons to the parking attendant as you leave each day in order to park without paying so please retain both items in a secure location. If the parking attendant indicates the garage is full or if you have a vehicle that is over 6’10”in height you may park on the surface lot located at the corner of Wall St. and Oakes Ave. The surface lot is accessed on Wall St. When parking on the surface lot, please leave the juror parking permit that was included in your summons clearly visible on the dashboard of your vehicle. Do not pay for parking when using the juror parking permit. The parking attendant will accept the displayed permit as paid parking. Jurors will not pay for parking when following these guidelines.
To get to Angel of the Winds Arena from the parking garage please ride the elevator to level A and exit to your right. You will exit the parking garage onto Oakes Ave and see the arena to the north (at the northeast corner of Wall St. and Oakes Ave.). Walk on Oakes Ave. toward the arena, and continue on Oakes Ave to Hewitt Ave for the appropriate entrance. At Hewitt Ave. walk to your right and you will see staff at the entrance. Jurors will be walking approximately the distance of 1 block to the entrance. You may wish to wear comfortable shoes and bring an umbrella. This location will likely only be used the first day of jury service. The remainder of your service will be on the courthouse campus. Staff will be present to open the arena at 8:00 a.m. We will not have access earlier so consider waiting in your vehicle if you arrive early. When entering the arena you will be passing through security. Pocket knives, scissors, personal protection spray and weapons of any kind are not permitted in the arena or the courthouse. When in doubt, leave items at home.

Due to COVID-19 precautions we will be unable to provide coffee, tea, etc. to jurors. Jurors may bring beverage containers with lids such as refillable coffee or water bottles. Thank you and have a great weekend!

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