Recorded Document Notification System Registration


The Recorded Document Notification System is an electronic notification system that alerts a subscriber via email every time a document is recorded with Snohomish County Recording under the registered name or the property parcel number.


Enter your registration information below (name and/or tax parcel number) and click the send confirmation email button. Keep in mind, notifications will be generated based on the name exactly as it is entered. We recommend you register for any variation of your name that may appear in public record. If you do not received an email within 10 minutes, check your spam/junk folder. To ensure that you receive notifications please designate ( as a safe sender.

A notification will be sent to the registered email address when any document is recorded containing a registered name or parcel number, identifying the recording date, document type and recording number of the document.

Registered users may edit or unregister from the notification system at any time. Enter the registered information and select the unregister from notification system button. A confirmation email will be sent, providing all registered names associated with that email address for you to unregister from.

DISCLAIMER - The County makes no representation regarding the completeness, accuracy, or timeliness of the notification system or that the information and data contained therein will be error-free. This system does not guarantee, or claim to guarantee, protection against fraud. The system simply provides notification of new recordings to you so that you may make informed decisions regarding your property. Snohomish County may terminate this system, or any individual subscription, at any time without notification. By registering for this system, you understand that the information you provide may be subject to Washington’s public disclosure act, chapter 42.56 RCW.

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Recorded Document Notification System Registration

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Recorded Document Notification System Unregister

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