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    How do I search by Section, Township and Range?
    When searching by Section, Township and Range you must enter a zero before any single digit or the search results will not populate. For example, if you have Section 7, Township 11, Range 4, then you must enter it as 07-11-04 for search results to populate.
    Does my document need an Excise Tax Affidavit?
    For a list of documents that require an excise tax affidavit, please see [insert link to document/website]. For more information on excise tax requirements, please contact the Excise Division in the Treasurer’s Office at, or by phone at 425-388-3888.
    Can I search by Parcel ID?
    Snohomish County began indexing the Parcel ID on documents in 1998 and currently indexes Parcel ID’s only on property related documents. Any document recorded before 1998 and non-property related documents are not searchable by Parcel ID.
    Can I search by Address?
    Snohomish County Recording does not index property addresses.