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Look up an online Assessor Map of your property using township, range, and section.

Note: This application will display an image of a printed Assessor map. (view a sample map)

Enter the 6 digits for Township, Range and Section
in the format:

How to find township, range and section for a specific property:

Step 1.  Determine the area of interest.

You will need either an address or parcel number to look up the township, range, and section for a parcel.

Step 2.   Go to the online property information system:

Step 3.   Enter an address or parcel number in the appropriate field and click 'Submit'.

Screen shot showing the Property Search web page

Step 4.   This will bring up the property information page.

Screen shot showing the property summary page

Step 5.   Scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the Section labeled 'Property Maps'.

You will see the township, range, and section listed.
Note which Quarter section applies to the parcel of interest (NW, NE, SW, SE).
You can enter this information into the previous search page, or simply click on the link, 'View parcel maps for this Township/Range/Section'.

Screen shot showing where the Township, Range, and Section information is located on the page.

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